I started playing piano since the age of at least five and it has been a constant part of my life ever since then. I was brought up playing old-fashioned classical repertoire and watching Disney's Fantasia, before discovering jazz when I was about 10 or 11. Around that time, I got into making up my own ideas with my first electronic keyboard, a Yamaha PSR-350. I loved that thing! I started trying to replicate music from my favourite video games, make up covers of pop songs I liked, and even tried building hip-hop backing tracks for imaginary rap songs. Not that I ever wrote lyrics for them.

In fact lyric-writing was always a bugbear for me - it was never something that came naturally to me or was ever something I've felt at home doing. But I kept on making up little ideas anyway, mostly only 30-seconds long each. It wasn't until I discovered progressive rock when I was 13 that I realised that I had options to do rock and pop music without any lyrics that was still great to listen to. So ever since then, I got into making up my own concept albums, first small minute-long songs, eventually turning into full-length 40-minuters. At 16, I'd managed my first semblance of a finished album, which I called "Portal". After that, I liked to imagine what the hypothetical band that produced Portal would come out with next, so I ended up coming up with all kinds of weird and wacky ideas for their next albums. That hypothetical band I dubbed "Breve" after the musical note (Americans would call it a double whole-note), which is why I use a breve as a symbol on all my social media. It's a sentimental thing!

I never really gave up the Breve idea, and I carried it with me through my university years at Keele, and through my time at Berklee in America, during which time I learned to find ways to really combine all my loves for all those different kinds of music, Western classical, jazz, rock, and all sorts of others. I amassed ideas for at least twelve crazy concept albums by the time I was 25, most of which have never made it to record. In recent years, I've been trying to take it more seriously and produce stuff that's more listenable, accessible and enjoyable by someone unused to instrumental music. To this day, lyrics still aren't forthcoming! To that effect, in the last five years, I've also composed music for production libraries and a short independent film, film-scoring being an old teenage aspiration of mine and a source of massive satisfaction to me when I get the chance to do it. I very much hope to do more of it in the future.

This website is basically a big collection of all those little projects I've worked on from the past up until now. Hope you enjoy perusing and thankyou very much for stopping by!