2021 Projects

Now that I'm done with the four Seasons albums, I'm starting work on several new albums and pieces. I like all my output to have a theme of some kind, as I like each album to be distinct from all the others. Of course seeing as it's a solo venture, it'll always sound a little bit similar, but I always think fairly hard about a new aesthetic and emotional place for everything I compose.

My coming-up list as of today includes:

- a short 30-minute 7-tracker, most of which I composed in an afternoon back in September 2020. The arrangement will be sparse and the mood is fairly dark.

- a full arrangement of "Bigelow Street", an old album about nostalgia and travel that I composed in piano form in 2016. I'm currently taking it down a retro-electronic route.

- a night-themed album, which will be gentle and soporific

- a new and improved remake of an earlier album about overcoming depression which I called "Falling Moon", which is heavily emotional and slightly avant-garde.

- an album of choice picks from all the half-improvised piano pieces that I have amassed in my notebooks and hard drives over this past decade

- new additions to my growing collection of piano covers

I'll share lots more details about all of these once they're ready to release, which will hopefully be pretty soon!

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