New Artist Name!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Some news about my original output.

Up until now, I've been posting all of my original music, solo piano, covers, and full band records under "Daniel Hines", which I think must be confusing the heck out of several of my listeners, as well as not really giving everything very good coverage. So I'm wising up a bit and I've decided to sort everything out a little bit by keeping my solo piano material as "Daniel Hines", and creating a new separate project name for my band material (i.e. the four seasons albums). I've settled on the peculiar name "Verdris Moth".

Weird as it is, there is a story behind it! It's a name I once heard in a dream years ago - I remember dreaming once that I was being escorted around an art gallery that was exhibiting magically animated portraits and abstract paintings by someone named Verdris Moth - I was escorted by Verdris herself in the dream. It stuck with me as these things often do, and I noted the name down for later, maybe for a character in a novel or concept album for the future, as I'd had no idea where the name came from. (My best guess was that it was a dream-warped version of the Daft Punk track "Veredis Quo", which I suppose I must have been listening to prior to having the dream.) And now that I've slightly changed direction composing-wise, and that name was begging to get used, I thought the time was right!

So I plan to re-release the seasons albums (currently named Autumnals, Hibernate, Arboretum, and Sun Dances) very soon under the new artist name, but with new artwork, some name changes, and live guitar and violin/viola to replace the questionable synthesised guitar and violin/viola on the current releases. I will aim to have them scheduled for release in their appropriate season too! I have plenty of material lined up for Verdris as well, including a new version of "Bigelow Street", the piano album from 2016-7, as well as some material I composed years before but have improved over the years. I'm playing with ideas for a self-titled album as well. The music will stay instrumental and melodic, with lots of different influences but always tons of piano, pretty tunes, weird ambient moments, and diverse traditional timbres. I also have a new website in the works for Verdris Moth as well, which I will publish as and when.

To those of you reading who are fans of my piano work, thankyou very much indeed for your support, and I shall of course carry on releasing new videos, tutorials, covers, and original piano as Daniel Hines alongside Verdris Moth. Feel free to email me with any requests for piano covers you might have which you feel would suit my style, as well as any ideas for future videos. Your support has been very sustaining for me creativity-wise, and I hope you'll enjoy whatever I next come out with.

Thankyou once again!

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