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Plans for 2020

I'm one of the lucky ones as far as COVID-19 is concerned, as it doesn't stop me composing as I usually do. So in light of that, I thought I might share what projects I'm working on, which I'm likely to be able to finish now that I have even more time.

My Spring album, which will be called "ARBORETUM", will probably be first, as well as its piano-only version. Alongside that, I've got in the works:

  1. a Summer album of course, which is currently under the name "SUN DANCES"

  2. - an album inspired by mental illness and depression entitled "FALLING MOON SYNDROME" (which was actually composed several years ago but never made it to a proper high-level record)

  3. - an album about infatuation and lovesickness, which will be named "HOLOGRAM" or something similar

  4. - an untitled "oceans" album

  5. - an untitled "night" album

  6. - a modern, half-improv'd theme and variations for the piano

  7. - a remixed version of "BIGELOW STREET", my 2016 album about my time as an international student

  8. - a general collection of other little ideas that I can't do without

  9. -piano solo renditions of all of the above

So LOTS of new material is slowly on its way! Obviously all I can say is that I hope it all provides a bit of solace and interest once it's all out there, especially under today's circumstances!

All the best to everyone struggling worse than me.

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